To be lawyers you can swear by…and not at; all while transforming how people experience working with lawyers.

About Us

We started with the conviction that law as it is practised is dysfunctional and has become mired in cynicism. This Law Firm is founded on ethical and professional principles and endeavours to uphold integrity in all our dealings. We believe client satisfaction is a reference and testimony of the quality of service we provide. We are a truly professional law firm and are relentless in working hard to maintain our client’s trust in and reliance on us. Finally, we want to enjoy our work, work with clients we enjoy, hang out with colleagues we like and go home each day with a sense of genuine satisfaction and reward... while it's still light outside.


On common ground with uncommon vision, to be a preeminent law firm deriving credence in our integrity, output, reliability, quality and a touch of empathy.

Social Responsibility

We at Agasna Othero and Company Advocates strive to be good citizens of our communities. We believe that it is not enough to celebrate accomplishments if we are not making our communities a better place to live, work and grow. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we reach out to. It is this belief and passion to give back to the society that informs the existence and operations of AO Law Africa, an organisation initiated by the firm and which engages in pro bono work, legal aid and public interest law matters.

Core Values


Service before gain! Wealth is good...but a good name is better.,


Creating effective solutions with special emphasis on value addition and mitigating risks.


A truly professional law firm that is relentless in working hard to maintain our Client’s trust in and reliance on us.


…and a lot of coffee…!

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